The mission of HAEA is the development of the scientific thought, action, research, information and the dialogue for Adult Education. The aims of the Association are mainly the following:

  1. The promotion of the ideas and the principles of Adult Education.
  2. The elaboration of the scientific thought, the dialogue and co-operation on issues related to Adult Education.
  3. The development of initiatives in the sector of research.
  4. The support of initiatives for the application of innovative plans for adult education and training.
  5. The provision of consultation services.
  6. The cooperation with other similar international associations, scientific societies, institutes, research centers, universities, private and public entities.
  7. The professional development of its members.
  8. The development of solidarity, collegiality, as well as of the common professional consciousness among its members.
  9. The promotion and protection of the scientific, educational and professional interests of its members.
  10. The development of a general conscious awareness and information of the wider public about Adult Education issues and in general the diffusion of Adult Education in Greece and abroad.