On Monday, July 19, 2021, the first three-hour, online-training meeting of the DIGITAL Technologies to Improve Adult Learning program on “Digital Tools for Improving Adult Learning” took place.

Aim of the program

The goal of the DIGITAL Technologies to Improve Adult Learning project is to enable and motivate teachers working with low-qualified and less-experienced adults to use digital learning strategies and tools to make learning more engaging and relevant to learners, as well as to boost their professionalism and personal development.

Seminar’s framework

This seminar is the third and final stage of the program and aims to enhance the digital skills of learners and encourage them to use digital learning tools with more confidence.


The instructors, Geli Manousou and Tonia Hartofylaka, presented the educational materials of the program: DIGITAL Good Practices Guide, DIGITAL Toolbox, DIGITAL Online Learning Course and invited the 21 participating adult educators to experiment with these resources until the next meeting, which will take place on September the 6th. During this second meeting the trainees will have the opportunity to present their work and exchange suggestions and ideas for future applications in their daily educational practice.

Evaluation of first meeting

This first online meeting took place in a very friendly and pleasant atmosphere. As a whole, the trainees expressed their interest in the digital tools they encountered, but also in all the innovative practices that were discussed. Below you will find some of the thoughts of the trainees created on Jamboard:

You can visit program’s website for further information