Main activities

  • The achievement of HAEA’s aims is accomplished through the following activities:
    Implementation of planning and evaluation studies of adult education programs, as well as scientific researches on relevant topics.
    Organization of public discussions, seminars, congresses, symposiums and conferences at national and International level.
  • Designing adult education programs and development of relevant educational material.
  • Implementation of European programs co-funded by the European Union.
  • Provision of consultation and support to public and private agencies, as well as individuals who are active in the Adult Education field.
  • Publication of books and production of printed, audio visual and electronic material tailored to the principles and methods of adult and distance education.
  • Publication of the quarterly scientific journal “Adult Education”, which functions under a Scientific Committee and a Reviewing Committee.
  • Cooperation with similar Greek and International bodies.
  • Activities concerning the promotion and development of professional and scientific interests of the members of the Association.

International Conferences:

  • 1stInternational Conference of Adult Education, Athens, 22-23 October 2004. Among the speakers were Sally Brown, Peter Jarvis, Phil Race, Alan Rogers.
  • 2ndInternational Conference “Adult Education & Social Competences”, Athens, 16-18 December 2005. Among the speakers was Olesen Henning Salling.
  • 3rdInternational Conference “Adult Educators: Their Education and Professionalization”: took place in Piraeus, 14-16 March 2008. Among the speakers were Brian Findsen and representatives of the Swedish organization ABF.
  • 9thTransformative Learning Conference was held in Athens, 28th– 29thMay 2011. Among the speakers were John Dirkx (Michigan State University, USA), Elizabeth Kasl (USA), Ed Taylor (Penn State University-Harrisburg, USA), Kathleen Taylor (USA), Elizabeth Tisdell (Penn State University-Harrisburg, USA).
  • Organization of the 1stConference of the new network “Interrogating transformative processes in learning and education: an international dialogue” – which functions under the umbrella of the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA) – titled «What’s the point of transformative learning?», to be held in  Athens, Greece, 27th-29th June, 2014.
  • Organization of the second International Conference, under the auspices of ESREA’S network, titled “Interrogating Transformative processes in learning and education: an international dialogue”-which functions under the umbrella of the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA) – titled « The Role, Nature and Difficulties of Dialogue in Transformative Learning », Athens, June 2016.

International Co-operations:

HAEA is a member of EAEA and ESREA networks.

  • HAEA is a member of the International Transformative Learning Association-ITLA

International Workshops:

  • HAEA has organized workshops with major scholars who have significantly contributed to Adult Education:
  1. Alhadeff-Jones, T. Fleming, C. Griffin, K. Illeris, P. Jarvis, J. Mezirow, H.S. Olesen, K. Popovic, I. Shor, B. Simonsen, E.W. Taylor, K. Taylor, J. Thompson, L. West.
  • HAEA organized the international summer course ‘Transformative Learning through the Use of Art: Emphasis on the use of Cinema, Fine Arts & Ancient Drama’.

National activities:

  1. Accreditation of Greek Trainers of Continuing Vocational Training

The accreditation took place within the framework of the national program of training the trainers of continuing professional education (2003-2009).

Members of the HAEA, most of them scientists cooperating with the Hellenic Open University, one of the partners who undertook the project, worked under the guidance of Prof. A. Kokkos, President of HAEA and Professor of the Hellenic Open University in Adult Education. They researched the training needs, designed the training program and the training material, while some members of HAEA were certified as Trainers of Trainers and others as Evaluators. Through this project, realized under the auspices of The Minister of Employment and Social Protection, 14.000 Adult Educators have been trained (300 hours) and accredited (enter the register of EKEPIS, The National Accreditation Centre for Continuing Vocational Training).

  1. Scientific Advisor
  • HAEA is Scientific advisor of Larissa Municipality for the implementation of the project “Learning City”. The presentation of project’s relevant activities was made during the conference of Learning Cities at  Hangzhou city in November 2016. The project was awarded prize from UNESCO.
  • HAEA was Scientific advisor of Phestos- Crete Municipality for the creation of the Center for Lifelong Learning (3879/2010) “Development of Lifelong Learning and other provisions”: 2015.
  • HAEA is Scientific advisor in the Organization “Angels of Joy” for the training of executives and volunteers, who create cultural events in Children’s Hospitals, Nursing Homes, etc., as well as for international collaborations: 2018-
  1. Research
  • Collaboration with the Organization for Research and Policy – diaNEOsis for the study-research report on “Adult Education and Training in Greece” (2021), Athens.

  • Evaluation Study for the UNICEF program “ Teacher Capacity Building for Inclusion of Refugee and Migrant Children in Greece” RFPS 181141 (2018-2019 and 2019-2020).
  • Study on behalf of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the preparation of a strategic plan, operational plan, action plans, related to the implementation of educational activities, as well as a distance education system (2012).
  • Two Evaluation Studies as an external independent expert on the Lifelong Learning Programs that aimed to train the  employees of small businesses enterprises, on behalf of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants-GSEVEE-  Small Enterprises Institute (2012 and 2014).
  1. 2004 – 2021 Seminars:
  • Train the trainer seminars (focusing on participating methods and techniques in adult education)
  • Workshops for adult trainers and high school teachers (focusing on communication and communication skills)
  • Workshops on the issue “Transformative Learning through Aesthetic Experience”.
  • 10 seminars “Theory and Applications of Transformative Learning”
  • Ε-learning innovative program on the method “CRITICAL AND CREATIVE LEARNING THROUGH ART”.The programme is offered in English and Greek. This is e-learning programme, 150 hours duration, which runs on our platform for a period of 15 weeks. It is aimed at school teachers and adult educators, who wish to upgrade their skills by mastering the use of works of fine arts, literature, theatre, music, movies and dance, for the enrichment of their teaching practice.
  • E-learning program on the issue “TRAIN OF TRAINERS”. A highly intense e-learning training course, 150 hours duration, designed for adult trainers, training practitioners and school teachers. Participants will gain a strong foundation in the basic theoretical background regarding adult learning; while at the same time will develop critical training skills and new approaches for delivering effective trainings. The programme is offered in English and Greek.